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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Non-native Mandarin Speakers Need More Than Love To Survive!

This blog is being set up for the convenience of employers, recruiters, and job seekers and information scientists looking for a site dealing with the worldwide job market for Mandarin Speakers looking for non-teaching careers.

Anyone with questions, ideas or other thoughts related to the world of work for non-native Chinese speakers is welcome.

I will start the ball rolling with a few tips of my own for those who are interested in working in the PRC-- check the BejingExpat, ShanghaiExpat (etc) employment webpages regularly where new jobs frequently pop up. Secondly, I have found that Addecco-China employment agency is providing a wide variety of services for companies hiring for the China market as well as for job seekers. Thirdly, if you are a US Resident, (as I am) a fair abmount of information on the American job market for Mandarin speakers can be gleaned from teh Linked in Website by clicking on the tab that relates to your interests and typing 'Mandarin' in the search box.

Now it's your turn!